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The Law Office of Mark Galvin is a respected source for immigration legal services for business, organizations, institutions and individual clients located in Providence, RI -- serving clients based in New England, as well as, throughout the United States and worldwide. Offering knowledgeable advice, skilled legal representation and sound professional judgment, the Law Office of Mark Galvin works closely with clients to develop creative, practical and intelligent solutions.

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At the Law Office of Mark Galvin,  we are dedicated to providing prompt and comprehensive results driven immigration services to assist our clients – international and domestic companies, academic and nonprofit organizations, as well as, highly educated and skilled professional, and family-based immigration clients — through each step of the increasingly complex and constantly changing immigration process. If you would like to work, live or visit the United States, hiring an experienced immigration attorney is essential and will save you significant time and money and, most importantly, allow you to achieve your immigration goals and objectives.

Immigration Law and Business Advocacy in a Changing World

It is well recognized among knowledgeable and successful international and domestic business, academic and nonprofit organizations that immigrants bring highly skilled labor, industrious work-ethic, and special attributes that bolster the strength of our national economy and labor market. In a global economy that is rebounding from a recession, it is important to work with a law firm that will remain mindful of this evolution while advancing your business interests.

The Law Office of Mark Galvin was established in 1984 and has an enviable track record and extensive experience with business and employment-based immigration in a wide range of employment immigration issues including:

We Focus on Protecting the Rights of Your family

In addition to protecting business interests and immigrant workers, we are also dedicated to helping US Citizens and Permanent Residents bring their loved ones from overseas. We have extensive experience in family based immigration and can effectively protect your rights as we help you navigate the often complex system of immigration laws. Whether you are a spouse, sibling, parent or child, we can protect your immediate and long-term interests and ensure your family’s reunification.

The Law Office of Mark Galvin offers prompt, experienced and practical counsel in business and family immigration matters. Our clients are important and treated as important and, as a result, have referred their colleagues and friends which we believe is the best measure of our success. Contact our attorney by e-mail or by calling 401-519-7214 or toll-free 888-859-2138 for services in the United States or abroad.

Our lawyer offers a flat fee structure so that you know what you are paying at the outset without any hidden or undisclosed costs.