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EB-1/EB-2/EB-3 Preference Petitions

EB-1/EB-2/EB-3 Work Visas

EB1, EB-2, and EB-3 preference petitions are also sometimes referred to as “visas”. These employment based (EB) classifications are available to workers with advanced or Bachelor’s degree, special skills, training and/or extraordinary abilities to fill job vacancies and to enhance the workforce of the United States.

Based on his extensive knowledge and experience with the employment-based immigration system, Attorney Galvin will provide employer/employee and individual clients with sound and practical advice to determine options and the most appropriate employment-based (EB) classification to seek Permanent Residence in the United States.

EB1: Extraordinary Ability / Outstanding Professors And Researchers / Multinational Executive And Manager Transferees

An EB1 is the vastly preferred employment based category because it eliminates the time, expense and US worker recruitment associated with the PERM/Labor Certification Application process and offers expedited processing times which is especially important for individuals born in countries with substantial waiting lines and backlogs (India, PR China, Mexico and Philippines). Our firm will guide employer/employee and individual clients through the complex process.

Typically, EB1 applicants are already in the U.S. on temporary work visas. Because there are only about 40,000 EB1 visas available per year and the EB1 requirements are complex and rigid, it is important to consult with an experienced lawyer — like Attorney Mark Galvin — who fully understands and has a long and successful track with EB1 petitions. We provide our clients with the necessary legal advise and technical guidance to ensure your best chance for success. We can also assist you in filing an I-485 application for adjustment of status which is often filed concurrently.

EB2: Advanced Degree / Exceptional Ability And National Interest Waiver (NIW)

An EB2 is available to advanced degree professionals and individuals of exceptional ability in the sciences, arts or business. An approved PERM/Labor Certification Application and job offer are required except for those whose EB2 petition is approved with a National Interest Waiver (NIW) or fall under Schedule A (Physical Therapists and Professional Nurses). Typically, EB2 advanced degree professionals hold H-1B status and include engineers, researchers, scientists, physicians, professors, IT/computer professionals and other professional occupations where at least a Master’s degree (or Bachelor’s and 5 years progressive experience) is a normal job requirement. We have extensive experience and proven track record with EB2 petitions and underlying approved PERM application where necessary.

EB3: Bachelors Degrees And Skilled Workers

An EB3 is available to professionals with a Bachelors’ degree or Skilled Workers holding a full-time position which requires 2 years prior experience or training. If you hold a Bachelor’s degree or have at least 2 years of work experience in a specialized area, we can assist you in filing an EB3. We work with the employer/employee to ensure a successful EB3 petition and obtaining an approved PERM application which is a requirement for filing an I-140 petition under the EB3 category. To ensure effective sponsorship, it is important to work with an experienced and trusted immigration lawyer with proven successful track record and encourage you to select the Law Office of Mark Galvin for this reason.

The Law Office of Mark Galvin offers experienced, practical and prompt counsel in business and family immigration matters. Contact the Law Office by e-mail or by calling 401-519-7214 or toll-free 888-859-2138 for services in the United States or abroad.

We offer a flat fee structure so that you know what you are paying at the outset without any hidden or undisclosed costs.